this quiz is what house your in and what you think of some other wizards and witches it will prove if your troublesome or if your trusty if your clever or loyal.

it might also prove that hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is no place for you you might go to ilvermorny or dumstrang or beauxbaton you could go anywere.

Created by: Lily Dixon

  1. would you date Ron,Harry,Cedric,Fred,George,Crabbe,Goyle,Or none of the above
  2. Would you consider your self higher and more respected than most yes or no
  3. Do you think Harry is Picky,Jelouse,Handsome,or none of the above
  4. if you are a boy would you date Cho,Ginny,Hermione,Katie,Pansy,Or hannah abbert
  5. you would rather go to astronamy,divenation,care of magical creatures,defense against the dark arts or none of the above.
  6. how is your favourite defense against the dark arts teacher is it Gilderoy Lockheart,Proffeser Querrile,Mad Eye Moody,Remus Lupin,Dolores Umbridge,Severus Snape or Amycus Carrow.
  7. Who do YOU like better Harry Potter or Cho Chang
  8. what food would you like better Acid pops or sugar quills
  9. would you rather go to the library or go outside?
  10. who do you like better proffeser flitwick or proffeser snape?

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