Which Horse Breed Should You Buy?

Horses are one of the best mammals on the earth and buying the right horse breed is one of the trickiest decisions to make. Buying a horse is a stressful process...

... but this quiz might help you un-stress. With this new quiz you will be able to relax more and you will be able to enjoy the experiences of being a horse owner quicker!

Created by: horsecrazy24601
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  1. Where did you learn to ride?
  2. Your pony club is holding a little competition. What do you do?
  3. What colour horse do you want?
  4. What is your favourite competition type?
  5. You are watching TV and on comes a video of people jumping the puissance. What are your feelings?
  6. What kind of horse/pony do you want?
  7. What is your riding level?
  8. You have entered for a small competition tomorrow. How are you feeling?
  9. Your riding clothes for the pony club rally tomorrow are...
  10. What bridle do you use on your pony.

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Quiz topic: Which Horse Breed should I Buy?