What's your favorite breed of horse?

This quiz is about the love of horses, and all the people who are thinking of buying a horse, I know that the choices are limited but if they want to know the type of horse that might be right for them.

If you love horses, or want to get one, have fun with this quiz, it is great to use just if you genuinely love this mammal or if you are allowed to buy one.

Created by: Dazmin
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  1. You see six shops full of tack, one is a dressage shop for dressage people the others are for all rounders and another is for drought horses. Which one would you pick?
  2. You see a advert in a magazine, you see different horses and your mum/mom says yes you were allowed one, but which one?
  3. Your Friend says that she wanted a new riding crop/whip. You say you needed a new one and you go shopping you see loads of crops suiting your horse, which one will you pick?
  4. Your horse has an Illness, you need a vet but one for you horses needs which vet should you call?
  5. You are looking for a pretty bridle for the show coming up, you horse loves shows what bridle will you buy?
  6. I see a save the horses sign. I look closer and there is a picture of a Black horse, I say that looks like my... What's your horses Name?
  7. You are looking for your tack, it has your horses name on it, all you find is your best friends tack which is the same as yours, what is her horses breed?
  8. You see your nest friend turning out her horse, she is using your halter, she says hi and her horse rears up, she drops the halter, it had your horses bedding on it. What is your horses bedding?
  9. Since you lost your halter you see a stray one, it says 'Bolt' On it. You look at it and it has your horses fur on it, what colour/color is your horse?
  10. You see that your horse has gone from his stall what, he leaves tracks, what shoes was he wearing?

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Quiz topic: What's my favorite breed of horse?