which hollyoaks character are you

Genius is not only quantitative in the sense that it represents more intelligence or talent than that possessed by ordinary people, even highly gifted people. It is not just that a genius is a lot better at something than others who are simply good at that thing. As their lives invariably demonstrate, genius is also a qualitative difference, a difference in essential nature as well as capability.

no i am not a genius i have an iq of 137 and a genius has over 150 iq i am only 14 with a 39 year old brain but i am no genius i am smarter than some people not all or even most people

Created by: lydia walker

  1. do you like to be in control
  2. what do you like doing at weekend
  3. what mood are you mostly in
  4. do you like gossip
  5. are you a good friend
  6. what do you do after a relationship
  7. do you like faction
  8. what do you do in week days
  9. have you ever been in trouble
  10. are you gay
  11. did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which hollyoaks character am I