Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

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hey there Harry Potter fans! welcome to my quiz! we've all heard of the four great houses, but have you ever wondered which one you belong to? if so, you came to the right quiz!

remember, this is a multi-result quiz, so you can take it again and again! and remember, more quizzes are out there! keep an eye out for more by me! enjoy!

Created by: Sariha Yahni

  1. your friends would describe you as;
  2. Black or white?
  3. fire, water, earth or air?
  4. choose one;
  5. which of these languages would you like to learn?
  6. three monsters stand in front of you. you need to kill one to get past. which one do you kill?
  7. which quidditch position do you favor the most?
  8. you have four keys and one lock. which one do you use?
  9. you find a nest full of magical gems. the dragon only lets you have one. which one do you choose?
  10. would you rather...

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Quiz topic: Which Hogwarts house do I belong to?