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  • To lolsj: In the anime and manga, Canada is really quiet, just not quite shy. The other countries rarely notice him or mistake him for his brother America. He's really sweet, but the countries who hate America are mean to him, because they think Canada is America. He is not, however, very timid or paranoid--just not understood.

    I got China!

  • You got China! You're very mature and try to be a role model, even though you aren't taken seriously. You can act like a little kid sometimes. You love sweets, pandas, and Hello Kitty. You're a hard worker and are good at drawing and cooking.

    That is definitely true! Very nice quiz, aru.

    (Sorry... I had to put the verbal tic in there. XD )

  • sorry but i got canda please explain to me im not umm well how to say i dont watch the show (i think its a show either that or a game) but yeah i feel underaprieciated (or however it gets spelled like) but i am SUPER shy and i talk alot unless around someone new i just shut up and act like im not there. sadly i gt ignored near others since im no awesome strong argueing guy i am often bullied and im very VERY seriously paranoid! do i seem like canada now?


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