Which Harry Potter guy will you marry?

Helloo. Now all the films are out there, and the guys are all grown up, I bet some of you were wondering, if HP were real, who you'd end up with. Soo...

I've created this lil' Quiz so all you Diehards like me out there can see who (might) be your man. By the way this is my first quiz so might be rubbish. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to Rate if you do -.^

Created by: GALinTHEcloudss
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  1. Okaay, so you have just arrived at Hogwarts for THE FIRST TIME. How do you feel??
  2. Right, so McGonagall's just explained how sorting works and the weird hat thing's sung its song. After hearing that, which house do you want to be in??
  3. Yaay, you got the house you wanted to be in!! The next few weeks you settle down, and it's really fun here. But which is your fave lesson??
  4. OMG!! It's Halloween and there's a TROLL in the Dungeons!! What do you do??
  5. What is your dream guy like??
  6. So now you're in Fourth Year and you've heard a rumor that Voldymort is back!! What do you do??
  7. Right, so it's true, Voldy's back. But right now you've just got the results to your OWLs. What did you get??
  8. I forgot to ask. The TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT was last year, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire??
  9. YESSSSS!!!! Voldy is dead!!!!!
  10. Okay and finally. Did you like this Quiz??

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter guy will I marry?