Which Harry Potter Characters Personality Do You Have?

Now, the quiz doesn’t have all the characters. It’s just, some and most characters have the same personalities. I shouldn’t have even put two Weasley characters in my quiz cause they’re bound to have similar personalities due to their relations to each other. I know I might be wrong, but I also didn’t have time for all the characters. Or just a lot.

Aberto - Opens locked doorsAccio - Summons objects Aguamenti - Summons water Alohomora - Unlocks objects Anapneo - Clears someone's airway Aparecium - Reveals secret, written messages Apparate - A non-verbal transportation spell that allows a witch or wizard to instantly travel on the spot and appear at another location (disapparate is the opposite) Ascendio - Propells someone into the air Avada Kedavra - Also known as The Killing Curse, the most evil spell in the Wizarding World; one of three Unforgivable Curses; Harry Potter is the only known witch or wizard to survive it Avis - Conjures a small flock of birds B. Bat-Bogey Hex - Turns the target's boogers into bats Bombardo - Creates an explosion Brackium Emendo - Heals broken bones

Created by: Claire
  1. First, read the quiz description.
  2. Did you read it
  3. If you didn’t go do that
  4. Now to start the quiz, are you evil? (Mean and bully can count.)
  5. Are you the leader of your pack?
  6. Do you seek out adventure?
  7. Are you talented? In any way?
  8. Do you have lots of friends?
  9. Revenge (for you) =
  10. Do you make good choices
  11. Are you a jerk?
  12. Are you the sidekick?
  13. Are you a loyal friend?
  14. Are you a good listener?
  15. Do you have any relation to the number 7?
  16. Are you judgmental?
  17. What does your name start with?
  18. What does it end with?
  19. What is the fourth letter?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Characters Personality do I Have?