this quiz will tell you the truth. you will find out who you are in harry potter. take this quiz. remember to rate it after or post a comment. thank you for your cooperation.

what are you waiting for? hurry up and take the quiz. you just have to click the title. one simple click. trust me. take this quiz. it's going to be fun. you'll love it. i guerentee it.

Created by: dakoda
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. this is a simple one that really helps me see who you are. who is ur crush. this is for boys
  2. ok. now this one is for girl. whose ur crush
  3. what is the awesomist, most amazing and awesome and cool and greatest and ur favorite color in the world
  4. what house would you like to be in.
  5. if there was a new kid what would you do
  6. what kind of person would you like ur crush to be?
  7. lord voldemort stands in front of u. what would u do.
  8. are u bored of this quiz
  9. what would you change the name dumbledore's army to
  10. do you like this quiz? will you rate it and add a comment plz. thank you so much. id like to see how i can make my future quizes better
  11. what is ur favorite book in the series.
  12. are u ready for ur result
  13. what's your favorite animal

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