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  • Your Result: Severus Snape 78%

    resultYou are very secretive. You're very strong and talented, but your.. well.. 'human-like feelings' are hidden deep inside you under this terribly strong armor you've built around yourslef. People are generally repelled by you because you make a very intimidating impression. You need you soften up a little! However, you are very brave and would sacrifice anything for your true love. You'd put yourself through constant danger just to give some kind of payment to the people or person you love.

    70% Voldemort
    69% Harry Potter
    47% Hermione Granger
    47% Ronald Weasley

  • Which Harry Potter character are you???
    Your Result: Harry Potter 99%

    Like Harry, you are smart, talented, courageous, and care about your friends more than anything else. You would go to the end of the Earth to ensure their safety, but you sometimes forget that being as comepletely selfless as you are can be dangerous to you. You shoulder great responsibilities at huge personal risk, and never back down from what comes your way.

    Ronald Weasley 68%
    Severus Snape 67%
    Hermione Granger 11%

  • Looks like harry potter thieved me of my identity

  • Severus Snape

  • Hermione Granger. :) So me! I am such a study-person, I hate being wrong too. And, for me, if it is anywhere, it is in a book. :)

  • I got Harry even though I'm a chic. works for me!


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