Which Harry Potter boy are you?

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Have you ever wondered which Harry Potter boy YOU are? Are you Harry, Ron OR Malfoy. Prehaps you will never know. Well never mind! You'll never meet them.

But with this quiz you don't need to. You can find in under 5 minutes. So which shall you be? Hey, I don't know! Try the quiz and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: K.P.G.Jennings
  1. What coulor is your hair?
  2. Who do you like most?
  3. Who are your parents?
  4. Whats your favrotie coulor
  5. What does your father do?
  6. What house are you in?
  7. Whats your favrotie subject?
  8. What postion are you on the Qudditch pitch?
  9. Are you a Prefect?
  10. Who's you're favrotie teacher?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter boy am I?