Which Hamilton character are you most like?

I discovered Hamilton in 2018, 2 years after it's release, but better late then never I suppose! I've been obsessed ever since and I'm still proud to say that I can rap every last word of My Shot faster than Layfette in Guns and Ships!

If you're as obsessed with Hamilton as me, then you can check out my other Hamilton quiz titled 'How well do you know lyrics from Hamilton?'. (It's under the same username as this quiz.)

Created by: Alex
  1. What colour do you wear the most?
  2. What gender are you?
  3. Are you smart?
  4. Are you book smart or street smart?
  5. Do you sing a lot?
  6. Do you want a family?
  7. What is your favourite Hamilton song?
  8. Out of these, what's you favourite Hamilton song?
  9. Do you like Alexander Hamilton?
  10. Do you often write?

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Quiz topic: Which Hamilton character am I most like?