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I, like many others, am a HUGE fan of the amazing show Hamilton. I encourage you to listen to the music if you haven't already. If you like musicals, you won't be disappointed.

My catchphrase is "If it's not Hamilton, I'm probably not interested!" Which is quite true. Hamilton is my life. I love Lin-Manuel Miranda so much, and all of the other actors and actresses are amazing!

Created by: VirgilHamilton
  1. (By the way, the questions aren't in order like the songs are) Alexander Hamilton: When he was 10, his father:
  2. Aaron Burr, Sir: When Burr says 'I'm getting nervous...', is he actually nervous?
  3. My Shot: What collage does Hamilton say he's going to go to?
  4. The Story of Tonight: What do Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette and Mulligan raise a glass to?
  5. The Schuyler Sisters: In which order do The Schuyler Sisters introduce themselves?
  6. Farmer Refuted: Who is the annoying British boi who argues with Hamilton?
  7. You'll Be Back: What will King George do to remind America of his 'love'?
  8. Right Hand Man: Can I be:
  9. A Winters Ball: Martha Washington named her feral ____ after him!
  10. Helpless: What doesn't Hamilton have? (In order)
  11. Satisfied: What's the second fundamental truth Angelica realises?
  12. The Story of Tonight (reprise): Who is the drunkest of the drunk?
  13. Wait For It: My mother was a ___ .
  14. Guns 'n' Ships: I'm takin' this horse _____ .
  15. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): I image death so much it feels just like a memory:
  16. That Would Be Enough: We don't need:
  17. Meet Me Inside: Who shoots Charles Lee?
  18. Dear Theodosia: Ooohhh...Philip:
  19. Hurricane: I wrote my way:
  20. Burn: The world has no:
  21. We Know: She cornered me:
  22. The Room Where It Happens: Two _____ and an immigrant walkin' to a room.
  23. Stay Alive (reprise): Who dies?
  24. One Last Time: I want to:
  25. The Election of 1800: Who's vote does the whole election come down too?
  26. Non-Stop: Where does Angelica move too?
  27. It's Quiet Uptown: But I'm not afraid. I know:
  28. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it! WhoWho Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Who is untied at last?
  29. Random question: Who does Lin-Manuel Miranda play in Mary Popping Returns?
  30. G'morning, G'night, G'afternoon (or whatever time it is where you are)

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