Which Guy Would date you when your older?

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I am Ivy or you can call me ivypants. I am going to guess which boy in my class is right for you on this quiz so don't sue me. I am only 11 years old... and plus I only have $78.46 so you wouldn't be getting much...

I am assuming you know me or the guys in my class and they're not the best of options but they are really fun to hang out with and they always make us laugh.

Created by: ivypants
  1. WHat type of guy are you into?
  2. WHat color hair would you prefer?
  3. Friend Girl. WHat are your thoughts?
  4. SHort or TAll guys?
  5. Do you even want to date a guy?
  6. What would your ideal guy's job be?
  7. WHo is the cutest guy in our class? No effect
  8. WHich of these is the most fun?
  9. WHat would his best feature be?
  10. WHat would their biggest flaw be?

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Quiz topic: Which Guy Would date you when my older?