Which Guy is Perfect for you From my stories?

Who do you belong with? The quiz shows the possibilities that you would go with perfectly. You have five males who are alike and different, but don't take it personally if you don't like the result.

Are you one for being sensitive and caring? Or someone living on the edge? Are you someone who loves to have someone adore you, or do you like space? The quiz might not turn out perfect, but you never know.

Created by: Holly McCleary
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You like your guys...
  2. You like your man for his...
  3. You find what attractive?
  4. What color eyes do you prefer?
  5. If you were crying and your boyfriend is to make you feel better, what should he do?
  6. You have one day to live. What would your boyfriend do?
  7. It's you birthday. Where does your bf take you?
  8. What is your bf's best feature?
  9. What would your relationship be like?
  10. What would be the song of your relationship?
  11. What move would your bf put on you?

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