Which Guy Do You Really Like More?

Sometimes you are just that type of girl who can have guys following her like puppies. Are you having trouble deciding between two of your favorite crushes? This quiz was intended to help you choose, even in the toughest of situations.

Make sure you know which guy is "Bob" and which guy is "John" before you start the quiz. If the question doesn't apply to you, choose "Neither." This quiz was made to be very accurate and very helpful overall. Feel free to try other relationship quizzes I'll make if even this quiz leaves you with some doubts.

Created by: Seritori
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  1. Okay so this is a different kind of quiz. There will only be a "Bob" result and a "John" result. Choose which guy you like is which name, and keep it that way for the entire quiz so you can get the most accurate result at the end. Okay?
  2. Which one do you hang out with more, in or outside of school?
  3. Which one talks to or texts you more often?
  4. Which one is usually more inclined to text you first if you text?
  5. Which one holds out a better conversation, even if you don't talk to them as often?
  6. If you honestly had to choose, which one are you more attracted to physically?
  7. Which one are you more attracted to intellectually?
  8. Which one has a better personality?
  9. Which one has been to your house before?
  10. Which one's house have you been to before?
  11. Which one has met your parents?
  12. Which one's parents have you met?
  13. Which one is a better kisser? If you haven't kissed pick "Neither."
  14. Which one smells better?
  15. Which one do you think you are honestly closer to right now?
  16. Which one treats you more like a friend and less like a girlfriend?
  17. Which one treats you better in general?
  18. Which one cuddles, hugs, holds hands, and just touches you sweetly more often?
  19. Which guy is closest to your age? If they are both within one year of you, choose "Neither."

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