which gravity falls character are you?

This Quiz Is Dedicated To All The Gravity Falls Fans Out There That Want Season Two Of Gravity Falls! Plus If You Want To See Gravity Falls Season 2 Then Go To...[no urls] (This Is Not An Ad!)

Which GF Character Are YOU i Bet You Want To Know... Then Take This Quiz And You'll Find Out! You'll Probably Love The Awnser So Why Don't Ypu Go Ahead!

Created by: Samuel
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Would You Care About Most?
  2. Which Of These Creatures Would You KILL!
  3. Which Of These Enemies Would You Fight
  4. Who Is The Writer Of The Books (Personal Opinion)
  5. If You Journied Into Someone's Mind Where Would Be The First Place You Visit?
  6. Where Would You Hide Your Most Valuable Clump Of Treasure?
  7. What Mythical Monster Would You Like To Be? (All Monsters From Q 5)
  8. What Possesion Would You Hold?
  9. Do You Like This Quiz? (Does Not Effect Result)
  10. Final Question!!! Would You Rather...

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Quiz topic: Which gravity falls character am I?