Which Gravity Falls character are you

Gravity falls. There do i have your attention? Good. Hello fangirls and fanboys. Wanna know which character you are? No? Oh well go take another quiz. Unless you wanna know. That's fine either way.

are YOU Mabel? Dipper? Bill Cipher? You'll never know until you take this simple twelve question quiz. Sorry i don't have Gideon, Soos, or Robbie. Please don't hate! First quiz!

Created by: Janet Brown
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  1. You see a book that interests you. So you...
  2. You find out a member in your family is "not what they seem"(i have too much fun) You...
  3. You have five minutes to pack for a trip! What do you do?!
  4. Pick a color
  5. A business man walks up to you and offers you what he says is "the worlds greatest deal" You...
  6. You see a cute new person enter through the door. You...
  7. You go to a pet store. Which pet catches your eye?
  8. You walk into a video game store. You...
  9. Do you fangirl/fanboy over anything?
  10. Let fate decide

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Quiz topic: Which Gravity Falls character am I