Which Gravity Falls Character Are You?

In 2012, a show that is named Gravity Falls was born. Since then, people have been watching it frequently. This test shows you what character you are most like in Gravity Falls. It might have some typos, but you will understand them.

Fun activities have been formulated for Gravity Falls lovers, but none of them shows you what character you act the most like. This test is all about that, though.

Created by: John J. Bianchino III
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you old?
  2. Are you kooky or funny?
  3. Do people make fun of your weight/height?
  4. Do people laugh with you?
  5. On a scale of 1-6, how crazy are you
  6. Do you like life outside or in the pool.
  7. Do you hate another family?
  8. Are you smart and kooky at times.
  9. Do you like sitting on the couch and making money?
  10. How much do people laugh at you?
  11. When life gives you lemons,...
  12. Do you call people city boys?
  13. Do you like ringing bells?
  14. Do you like solving hard puzzles?
  15. Are you very,very smart?
  16. Do you like guitars and to impress people?
  17. Do you like Heavy Metal?

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Quiz topic: Which Gravity Falls Character am I?