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  • Which GONE character are you?
    Your Result: Diana Ladris

    You are a manipulative, seductive, well bad word. You despise Drake. You can read power levels. You created a system for that. Your system is like cell phone bar. 1 bar, two bar, 3 bar, 4 bar, etc.

    Diana, no surprise! I always get Diana with Caine in second and out of my favorite characters it goes Diana and then Caine! Bad guys rock! (except for Drake, that stupid, damn psychopath)

  • Hell yeah I got Drake with 77%

    I'm hella similar to Drake so based on my result this is a pretty accurate quiz

  • Nothing against Drake! He's the best forever!
    Astrid is so stupid, sorry...

  • yeah. I`m Quinn. Quinn as girl. i like Quinn in the book, but edilio is better and Drake is the best! i love drake, becuase he is so lunacy and evil xD and, after all, i am my own charakter. ^-^

    Jemine Parker
  • this quiz was okay. . . I'm not really that musch like 'Breeze' but whatevs


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