Which giant dragon are you from how to train your dragon

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This is a quiz about how to train your dragon. I spent some time on this so enjoy!This quiz is to celebrate the new movie how to train you dragon the hidden world.

I also made this cause I looked for a quiz with giant dragons in it but there was nothing so I decided to make my own quiz about the giant dragons from all the movies and shows!

Created by: Red death

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  1. Which biome do your prefer
  2. What would you like to do outside
  3. What type discribes you
  4. How much do you care how other feel about you.
  5. What type of dragon do you like
  6. What do you dislike most
  7. Do you respect all creatures
  8. What do you like most
  9. What is your favorite color
  10. What is your favorite giant dragon

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Quiz topic: Which giant dragon am I from how to train my dragon