which How to train your dragon character are you?

Do you wonder which How to train your dragon character you are? Well this is the quiz for you! Note: I have not watched how to train,you dragon 2 or any of the series! So info is based off of The first Movie!

I had a fun time making this one! Now go find out who you are! I know your dying to know! Go, go! Just random words! Hehdcjsiduvfvjfjsjvjfj jfj jfj jfjxj j jfj JFK jf

Created by: rainbowdash13

  1. Would you kill a dragon?
  2. If you wouldn't kill a dragon, what is your reason?
  3. Would you ride a dragon?
  4. Would you eat after a dragon? (Like it was just inside of them)
  5. Would you help a dragon fly again?
  6. Are you the first out of your entire family to do something great?
  7. Do you want something but it seems just a little bit out of reach?
  8. Do you create things?
  9. Do you assume how things are just by how they look?
  10. What's your favorite?
  11. Would you risk everything for what you know is right?
  12. And finally, what's more important?

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Quiz topic: Which How to train my dragon character am I?