Which "friend" are you?

A lot of people wonder how they fit into their group. I made this quiz to show you. Of course I really dont know you, but this may give you an idea. It may make a difference in how you act around your friends.

I made this quiz because that was something I always wondered about. Did my friends think I was a goody goody or funny? I never knew until now, and it will be the same for you.

Created by: Shainah

  1. Boyfriend?
  2. School?
  3. Your mom and dad went out to eat, you...
  4. swim suit?
  5. When i am mad, i am usually mad at...
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Bugs?
  8. Main kind of communication
  9. favorite word
  10. just pick a random one
  11. ditto

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Quiz topic: Which "friend" am I?