Do You Know Your FRIEND'S ?

Okay people. Here's your chance to see how much you really know about your FRIEND'S. We've all seen the TV show. I'm sure there's a few who have the DVD's (sad to say). So why don't you put your knowledge where your fingers are. Go ahead. Give it a try.

Do you know your FRIEND'S? Well let's just find out. This is a little quiz to see how much or little you know about the TV show "FRIENDS". I'll rate you after you're through and give you a little advice afterwards. How about it. Are you in?

Created by: Phil
  1. What is Joey's favorite food?
  2. What was Monica's nickname on her high school field hockey team?
  3. What is Ross's son's name?
  4. Who Runs Central Perk?
  5. What is the name of Phoebe's twin sister?
  6. Who sings the theme songs of Friends?
  7. When Ross was young he used to dress-up in Women's clothes. What did he make everyone call him?
  8. How does Dr Remore die?
  9. What's Joey favorite book ?
  10. How many sisters does Joey have?
  11. When was friends first broadcast in America?
  12. What's Rachael's full name?
  13. Where is the strangest place Pheobe has had sex?
  14. What is Chandlers job?
  15. What did Monica lose in one of the quiches at her mother's party?
  16. What did Ross fall into at his Grandmother's funeral?
  17. Who played Chandler's mother?
  18. Is Rachel an only child?

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