Which football player are you?

There Are many amazing football players in this big universe , but how many of them are true perfection? That is an answer that no one had answered it before, can we find out now shall we?

Are You an amazing footballer, which player resembles you the most? If you don't know then you did the correct job to enter this quiz , come and see who you really are

Created by: Rami Kadi

  1. In which positon do u perfer to play?
  2. Are You A Set Piece Taker?
  3. Can U Block The Shot Correctly?
  4. Which League Do U Like?
  5. How Many Goals Can U Score In 38 matches?
  6. Which Color Do U Like
  7. Money Or Glory Or Team Love?
  8. Do U Like Cheese?
  9. Spain Or England?
  10. Enjoyed The Test?

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Quiz topic: Which football player am I?