Which fnaf charecter wants to be your boyfriend

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Hi.. Call me circus baby I'm a big fnaf fan this is my first quiz so please no hate. This quiz will tell you who likes you... Sorry if you get Chica. Enjoy

Mk I'm back ima just talk... I love fnaf it's my favorite thing ever my favourite charecter is circus baby if you can't tell I don't like using grammar all this stuff is auto correct

Created by: Circus baby

  1. me:first question... Bonnie! Bonnie: who is your favorite fnaf one charecter... Hint bonnie
  2. Me: uh Chica next question? Chica: yay uh... Lme think... Oh favorite instrument?
  3. Me: foxy take it away foxy: yar what be your favorite animal?
  4. Me: what's ur question? Freddy: favorite colour?
  5. Role play: your getting beat up at school when the teachers aren't looking, what animatronic would you want to save you?
  6. More rp: you accidentally fall on one of the animatronics which ends in him/her accidentally kissing you. which one
  7. My question... What do your friends think of you?
  8. Me: Bonnie back to you Bonnie: describe yourself
  9. This is my first quiz? What did you think ( I know it's horrible)
  10. Bye*waves*

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Quiz topic: Which fnaf charecter wants to be my boyfriend