Which fnaf 4 character are you?

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Which fnaf 4 character are you? ( ps. I got the fnaf foxy pic 5-31-15!!! HOORAY!!!! :D GO FNAF GO!!!! OuO pss. The names like fearful freddy etc are just nicknames. )

So,will you be Frightful Freddy,Creepy Chica,Fearful Foxy,or Blue Bonnie?Midnight,Sonic,Scourge,Shadowla,and I will chit-chat with you to see which one of the CREEPY characters you are most like...

Created by: Savannah

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  1. Shadowla:Fnaf 4 seems scary...I don't wanna do this...*hides in pirate's cove* Midnight:So,are ya ready 4 freddy?
  2. Midnight:Say a random word.
  3. Scourge:favorite fnaf song
  4. me:favorite song NOT from fnaf
  5. Sonic:Pick a Minecraft song
  6. me:THE DREADFUL QUESTION IS HERE!Pick a color that you like
  7. What would you look like if you were scary?
  8. Sonic:favorite food
  9. Midnight:FRE- Shadowla:*pops out of pirate's cove*FREEBIE Midnight:whatever
  10. BYE!
  11. HA!You thought I was leaving didn't you? Midnight:FATE
  12. For real this time,bye.
  13. NOW,4 real this time Bai!

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Quiz topic: Which fnaf 4 character am I?