Which Fanfic? [Please comment]

I'm thinking of writing a fanfiction for you guys, and I need you to comment which of these you like best It will be either: A FlippyXFlaky fanfiction (Happy tree friends)(This one will likely contain more 'emotion') A SnifflesXArtsy fanfiction (Fannonxcannon htf couple, references will be located in the next paragraph)(This one will be very 'kawaii' and 'upbeat') Other couple (comment about that plz) Sorry, it's only htf x3

Okay, urls are not allowed, so if you would please bear with me for a moment Please go to deviantart.com, and find the user called Sskittykat You will find many ArtsyXSniffles and FlakyXFlippy references in her (my) deviantart gallery. There are folders titled 'FlippyXFlaky' and 'ArtsyXSniffles' those contain references

Created by: Sskittykat

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  1. Okay, well read the first two paragraphs to know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I'LL MURDER YOU WITH A TACO,
  2. Okay, well since you read the options I just want to explain each
  3. Well, I wanted to make something emotional, yet kawaii at the same time x3
  4. Anyway, please comment which one you like, and I will make quizzes for them later on x3 the one with the most votes by the end of this week wins :P
  5. Be sure to tell your friends about it
  6. Please comment! Or I will kill you with a taco :P
  7. I have nothing else to say...
  8. I guess it's just you, me, and this lovely device you're using to take this quiz :3
  9. Too bad
  10. Too bad the quiz is over!

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