Which Fairy Tail Shipping Is Perfect For You?

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I was new here and I LOVE FAIRY TAIL. Most people enjoy shipping their favourite anime character. So do I. So, this quiz was made to found out the most perfect one that suits your favor.

If you enjoy shippings, YOU MUST TAKE THIS TEST. Fairy Tail shipping lover are a welcome. Soon you'll know the most perfect ship for you!!(^_^)whether Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza or Galev. Thanks!

Created by: KiaraShirou
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which was your favourite colour mix?
  2. The boys favourite food?
  3. The girls favourite food?
  4. (Boys POV)You want to ask the girl of your dreams out on a date. How you going to ask her?
  5. (Girls POV)The boy you loved ask you to go out on a date. A PRIVATE+ROMANTIC DATE. How you respond?
  6. The couples behaviour. Pick a couple that you like.
  7. You finally go to the date. Where both of them waited each other for the date?
  8. You think where did they go first on their first date?
  9. Whatever you choose, let say you watch movie later, which genre you think they'll pick?
  10. Let's say they watching horror movie, and the scariest part showed up, and the girl screamed and hug her date tightly. There is nobody there(most people seat in the front line, while they're alone at the last line). What do you think they'll react?
  11. He wants to confess. Which way is nicer?
  12. They now officially couple. In Fairy Tail, who do you think should know about it first?
  13. They were together for about a few years. He wants to propose. Which way is perfect?
  14. Random question, say that Fairy Tail is in a chaotic battle, and she saw him, dying. What she'll do?
  15. Back to question 15, what's the girl's reaction?
  16. How is the boy reaction when she agree to marry him?
  17. What is the wedding theme?
  18. The next generation;which is your favourite/you like to happen.
  19. The next generation;which is your favourite/you like to happen.
  20. Which shipping you think you'll get?
  21. Which shipping you think you'll get?
  22. Last one:do you like my quiz?(noting to do with this quiz)you like shipping?

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