which fair city character are you

hi this is the second fair city quiz i made.its the girls one.the results anre neasa,carol,charlotte,esther or cleo.to find out take this quiz.if you havent taken the boys one you should.

which fair city girl are YOU.in minutes you will find out.have fun and remember to rate and comment.you can take this anywhere in the world.goodbye!?!?!?

Created by: howya123

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who is your hero
  2. if a death collecter comes to your house what do you do
  3. describe yourself in two words
  4. what age are you closest to
  5. what colour hair do you have
  6. are you gonna rate
  7. are you gonna comment
  8. are you gonna comment
  9. who do you think is cuter cal kenealy or kevin loyd
  10. are you old [me:if your over thirty i think your ancient]

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Quiz topic: Which fair city character am I