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  • Totally called it!

    You are in Amity! Amity people value peace and kindness as well as blame conflict and hatred for the world's problems. People of Amity value neutrality, so they remain neutral in times of war. In Amity, opposed to Candor, believe that is acceptable to lie in order to keep the peace. They believe that the down-fall of society was caused by violence, as told by Marcus Eaton in Divergent (Book). As the faction that symbolizes happiness and freedom from human conflict, Amity members generally wear clothing that is bright and pleasant. Their attire consists of clothes that are red and yellow. Their dress code is less formal than other factions,so an Erudite-born Amity transfer could wear blue jeans without causing uproar.

  • IM dauntless

  • dauntless thinks that weakness is the reson to blamed that is so true


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