Which era do you belong in?

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Hello! What era do you belong in? Ancient Greece? The Middle Ages? The year 3000? Or do you fit perfectly in this age, the Modern Age? That’s up to you, my friend!

Answer these twelve questions truthfully and learn which age you are most fit to be in. Mostly, my quizzes are very accurate and I put sweet results for the end!

Created by: ShadowFigure3000
  1. (When you were) In school, what subject interested you the most? (It doesn’t need to be the one where you got the best grades)
  2. Did you ever feel like you were born “too late in time”, and that you should have been born in an earlier era?
  3. Quick, pick one: BC (before Jesus Christ) or AC (after Jesus Christ)?
  4. Okay….Julius Caesar or Leonardo Da Vinci? Pick one! Now! Quick!!!
  5. Would you choose your best friend (from this era) or a mad genius cyborg from the future?
  6. Do you prefer violent fighting or poetic drawings and art? (Think hard, don’t be random!)
  7. Do you prefer the world right now or in one or two hundreds/thousands of years?
  8. Machines or gadgets?
  9. Laurels or crowns?
  10. Gold or wood?
  11. Mechanical saw or wooden axe?
  12. And finally, computers or books?

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