Do you belong at Hogwarts, CHB, Middle Earth, or in ATLA?

Which of these worlds do you belong in? The questions weren't that thought sorry if you end up getting something nothing like you. My bad....

Hope you have some fun though! I'm actually very curious to see which one I belong in! There's Hogwarts, Camp Half Blood, Middle Earth, and the wonderful world of Avatar the Last Airbender! See ya at the end!

Created by: Sauron
  1. First off, which of these is your favorite story?
  2. Which of these places do you desperately need to visit??
  3. Which element would you want to bend?
  4. Which of the Hogwarts Houses do you think you belong to?
  5. Do you like going to school or the idea of getting an education?
  6. What type of an adventure would you go on?
  7. Let's say that you are one of the main characters of these stories-which final battle would you prefer to go through?
  8. How would you describe yourself, honestly?
  9. Which of these characters do you actually relate to?
  10. Where would you go in Middle Earth?
  11. Pick some words that describes yourself best
  12. What would you look for when traveling?
  13. Okay...let's see how badly this is calibrated....ready go!

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Quiz topic: Do I belong at Hogwarts, CHB, Middle Earth, or in ATLA?