Ancient Greek Philosophical Schools Selector

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Ancient Greece was home to a wide variety of philosophical 'schools' that had diverse opinions on things such as truth, ethics, and metaphysical questions.

This test is an attempt to create a simple but interesting 'calculator' to match your views on these subjects closest to any given Classical Greek philosophy. Enjoy.

Created by: LaunchOctopus
  1. METAPHYSICS. What is the nature of the universe?
  2. EPISTEMOLOGY. How do we go about acquiring knowledge?
  3. WELFARE. What is the nature of virtue and/or the good life?
  4. VIRTUE. Which of these best describes one who is virtuous?
  5. SOCIETY. Must a person be coerced at some level by societal powers in order to be virtuous?
  6. FREE WILL. Do we have free will and to what extent?
  7. Filler question (this will not affect the outcome of the results).
  8. Filler question.
  9. Filler question.
  10. Filler question.

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