Which emoji are you?

Which emoji di you think you are? Click on this prank quiz to find out! It is asking me for more characters so when I get stupid with the random words don't judge

I love these frame poo hi cool see ya gosh will this end enutime soon? hi? lol? íŽmp orating rated one heart I'm not so bothered so let's just get on with the quiz.

Created by: Pickles

  1. Which emoji are you?
  2. Ok I've got all the info I need now. So, what TV show do you prefer?
  3. So... What flavour of ice cream do you like best?
  4. Which of these muscle cars do you like best?
  5. Do you do Spring cleaning?
  6. How do you feel about the term "plus size"?
  7. Which of these is your go-to RPG class?
  8. What's your favourite book genre?
  9. Choose the perfect summer footwear?
  10. What is your go-to summer food?

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Quiz topic: Which emoji am I?