What Emoji Are You?🤔

There are many emojis to choose from for this quiz. I chose these because they remind me of me and other people. I loved working on this and it was worth it. I Thank gotoquiz for this wonderful opportunity.

What emoji are u? What personalities will make you that emoji? Until now, you can only wonder, which emoji Are you? You can find out if you take this quiz! Only 12 questions.

Created by: Nucci22

  1. Who are you worshipping for? Would you rather be single, or have a bae? Would you rather be cool, or funny?
  2. Who are you worshipping for?GOD,OR THE DEVIL?
  3. Would you rather be single or have a bae?
  4. Would you rather be cool, or funny?
  5. Would you rather love God, or yourself?
  6. What clothes do you wear?
  7. What emoji do you like best?
  8. What do you describe yourself best as?
  9. What emoji would you rather get a tattoo on?
  10. What do your parents describe you best as?

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Quiz topic: What Emoji am I?🤔