What emoji are you?

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Do you ever wonder what you would be like as an emoji?! Well, do you wonder what emoji you would be? You've come to the right quiz! Take the quiz and find out!

This quiz shows your inner emoji, and it's just for fun! Don't be too upset or angry and go and smash your laptop if you got 😈 or something. This is only for fun and entertainment. Enjoy!

Created by: A.J. Vids
  1. Sports.
  2. I laugh a lot.
  3. I get angry a lot.
  4. I get scared easily
  5. I am sad now
  6. Are you on a sports team?
  7. I fall in love easily.
  8. What am I?
  9. Life is fun
  10. I am

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Quiz topic: What emoji am I?