What emoji are you?

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What emoji are you? I mean there are so many but you're only one person! If you really want to know please play this quiz p.s there are no swear words in this quiz!

So what emoji are you I mean can I really know what emoji you are? maybe! So are you up for the quiz? Hopefully cause this will be the total best quiz ever!

Created by: sofi

  1. Lets start slow... were you ever in some sort of danger or were you ever uncomfortable?
  2. Okay What did you want to become when you were a kid?
  3. What are you're dreams now?
  4. Cool now if you think you're awesome clap you're hands
  5. Pick an animal that describes you!
  6. Pick the color that describes you
  7. Which type of book do you like best
  8. If there was a man on fire what would you do?
  9. Well 2 more questions left! so what emoji do you think you'll be?
  10. You know the answer you picked last made a lower chance to get the emoji you wanted
  11. Well this is the last question are you ready to see emoji you are! p.s this question counts!

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Quiz topic: What emoji am I?