What emoji are you???

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Have you ever wondered which emoji you would be?? No probably not, your just bored right. Good enough for me, take this quiz to find which emoji you would be.

For boys and girls, mostly for teens. Pineapples or kiwis? Wine or beer? Love of hate. These are not the questions in the quiz i just want to exceed the character count 😂😂😂 good luck xx

Created by: Arya

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. School?? 👌or😩
  2. Would you rather: go out with your gang to the beach?(with food?) Or stay at home with your besties eating and watching movies all day??
  3. Your mum and dad are talking downstairs and you hear your name. They then start speaking in hushed voices. What do you do?? 👂🙉
  4. Are you a Beast boy 👟 or gorgeous girl?👙
  5. Nutella on toast or pizza??
  6. Fave emoji?? 😂😎💋😜💁😍😩🍕🙉😉👌??
  7. Skydiving or cliff jumping??
  8. Yes or no?
  9. What element would you want to be. Fire, air, water, earth??
  10. Strawberries or apples?

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Quiz topic: What emoji am I???