Which element are you

There are four elements in avatar. Air fire water and earth. They all have their strength and weaknesses. Both in personally and fighting. They are all unique.

Which one are you? In this quiz we will cover both fighting and personal. This is a 19 question quiz. You will find out here and hopefully you like your result.

Created by: Chico the avatar

  1. Part 1: personality How would you describe yourself?
  2. In a family argument do you....,
  3. Some douche desides to steal something from you. Do you....
  4. How often do you get in fights
  5. Your weakness
  6. What are you in your group of friends
  7. How would your friends describe you
  8. Which friend sounds better
  9. Part 2: the fighting part Do you fight offensively or defensive
  10. How quick are you
  11. Will you avoid a fight
  12. Describe your fighting style
  13. Your strength in battle
  14. Your weakness
  15. Which power would be best
  16. Which way of ending an opponent sound the worse to you
  17. Which element do you think you'll get

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