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  • Wow it fit me so well I love leafeon and yes i do like my personal space and i hate crowds and if my crush asked for a question id ask why.

    ddub1224 Dec 16 '15, 8:22PM
  • Im not happy being Umbreon, like IM NOT POPULAR >:

    cutey_pie09 Nov 10 '15, 10:57PM
  • im a espon

    vaporeon Aug 20 '14, 6:09PM
  • Im an Umbreon. I thought Id be a dark type. Im not depressed, Im actually quite happy, but I like gore and dark things (not aesthetically dark, just very sad).

    Steel Fox Aug 17 '14, 1:33AM
  • I'm an Espeon! I love them but Flareon is my favorite!

    Flareon726 Apr 25 '14, 3:56PM
  • Haha, Jolteon. Of course I would be the prickly electric type.

    BCorleone Nov 6 '13, 7:49AM
  • I took three quizzes(including this one)and I got (in order)eevee,glaceon ,and vaporeon. ... they should really work this out.

    BlueWolf03 Feb 19 '13, 3:41PM
  • Im a Umbrean that is a little scary, wel becasue it is a dark type pokemon, [i wish i was vaporean / glaceon]

    Ithorian Jun 28 '11, 6:02PM
  • Wow, pretty accurate. I got Vaporeon.

    It fits me so well!

    Kuri May 8 '11, 8:49PM

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