Which EclipseTribe faction are you?

A short while ago, Standstill introduced three factions within the EclipseTribe; The Arsenal, The Emissary and The Rep; each values different traits and skills, and stands for different things.

Which faction does your character belong to? If you aren't sure, this quiz can act as a guideline, to get you thinking about what your character values in life and what they are good at. I should warn you not to necessarily choose your answer based entirely on this quiz; I've never made one before, and it should be down to the character to make the final decision. Enjoy, EclipseTribe!

Created by: Miasma

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  1. On a sunny day, you would rather;
  2. My preferred rank would be;
  3. If you could choose an element to sum up yourself, what would it be?
  4. Your friend starts an argument with you. What do you do?
  5. My favourite place in the territory is;
  6. My favourite colour is;
  7. I value;
  8. You're fighting the enemy, and a Tribemate is in serious trouble, badly injured and in combat with a humongous enemy. What do you do?
  9. Would you say that people come to you for;
  10. When asked to choose a faction, you immediately thought;
  11. What makes you look up to someone?

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Quiz topic: Which EclipseTribe faction am I?