which donnycarney cub are you

donnycarney is the best scout EVER.these are the most popular people in it.they are all different.one has anger issues,one is gay,one is ugly,one is crazy,one is sound and one is a tomboy.this is for boys and girls.bye!?

which cub are you.find out.take this quiz and in minutes you will know.are you crazy,strong,gay,ugly,sound or sporty.take quiz this to find out.goodbye!?

Created by: howya123
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what colour hair do you have
  2. how many relationships have you been in
  3. do girls like you (for boys)
  4. do boys like you (for girls)
  5. are you in cubs/scouts/ventures/beavers
  6. donnycarney is the best
  7. are you in any of these scouts/cubs/beavers/ventures
  8. who is your best friend in cubs (if your not in cubs say the names you like best)
  9. rate??
  10. comment??

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Quiz topic: Which donnycarney cub am I