Which Divergent fraction are you?

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There are many people who watched divergent, but not many actually listened. How do you know when you listen, when you get a good score on this quiz of corse!

Did you listen? I sure hope so. Also thank you for looking at this quiz. I wonder if you quality as a true Divergent fan. Just kidding! But go ahead take the quiz.

Created by: QuizQueen

  1. What is Tris's full name?
  2. What is 4 's real name?
  3. Who's Tobias's dad?
  4. Who is 4's mother?
  5. Which group was Tris born in?
  6. Who is Tris's "ancestor?"
  7. How are Tris and 4 related?
  8. Who is better Tris, or 4
  9. Who is Tris's first friend in Dauntless?
  10. What is Tobias's last name?
  11. How was it?

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Quiz topic: Which Divergent fraction am I?