which divergent charachter will fall for you (girls)

Which divergent charachter will fall for you will it be peter , eric , tobias find out by taking this quiz and know which one will defently be your crush

Will you make one of them fall for you take this quiz answer the 12 question and see you final result at the end of this test and hope you enjoy it love

Created by: maya

  1. What is your biggest fear ?
  2. If you had to save one person who will you save the love of your life , you bestfriend , your co worker
  3. If you have to cary one thing with you for the rest of your life what would it be ?
  4. If you found a bag full of money what would you do with it ?
  5. Choose one of these
  6. If your crush come and kiss you but deep down you know he is controled he's not actually consious what would you do ?
  7. Choose a place where you wish to be left alone with your crush
  8. Your leader ask you in front of everybody to find a way to get down of a high place and he suggest that you jump what do you do
  9. If your were not in dauntless what other faction you think you could be in ?
  10. If your crush ask you to follow him cause his leaving the faction what would you do

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