Which divergent faction are you?

There are 5 factions PLUS Divergent! Take this test and we will see what faction you belong to! Good luck with this!! These results are final!!!!!!!!!!

Are YOU a Divergent? Are you SELFLESS, HONEST, BRAVE, PEACEFUL, and SMART all rolled into one?????? Let's Find out what your faction is!!! Don't fall out of your seat because it is time to start!!

Created by: Tris the Divergent

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Selfish or Selfless
  2. Your playing a game with your friends and your friend hears a noise...
  3. Would you fight or save your own neck or are you afraid? Don't want trouble?
  4. Your friend won a trip to meet 1D and they put on a very ugly dress and it turns out to be her mom's...you
  5. Would you get in a tank with a Great White Shark for a BILLION DOLLARS?
  6. Love or friendship?
  7. Naughty -or- Nice ?????????????????????????????????????
  8. Do you think your better than everyone else?
  9. Do you think Erudite stinks?
  10. Would you secretly adopt a Factionless?
  11. Last Question

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Quiz topic: Which divergent faction am I?