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  • Hot Tempered and stubborn, you have a very persistent nature and have a gift with solving problems. Sometimes you may feel a bit out of place. like you don`t belong, but always end up standing your ground anyways. One thing that frustrates you is when you feel stuck, and you have a taste for adventure and newer things. Sometimes, when your angry, you may say things you may not mean, but your loyalty and love towards your friends has no boundaries. Usually trusting, one thing you despise are hypocrites, and being truthful is one of your most rigid morals. Overall, your spunky, energetic, and friendly.

  • I got tinker bell !!! That is me. This quiz was really good!!

    Ezmer is cool
  • I got silver mist! Cool!

  • I got Vidia.
    Yup, that's me. lol


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