Which Diamonds Girl are you?

This quiz is just for fun, don’t decide that whatever you get is true so don’t come after me! I hope you enjoy this quiz on what girl from diamonds you would be!

If you take this quiz and you put your result on your instagram and tag me (@welovethatforcheer_2) I will happily repost it!! Please enjoy this quiz!!

Created by: welovethatforcheer_2

  1. What color is your hair?
  2. whats your personality??
  3. what are you in a group of friends??
  4. what’s your favorite color??
  5. Bows or scrunchies?
  6. What’s your postition?
  7. What’s your brand?
  8. What competition would you rather win?
  9. What’s your favorite part of your routine?
  10. What’s your favorite part of cheer?

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Quiz topic: Which Diamonds Girl am I?