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  • How do people from this universe have access to personal information about myself..?

    L__ Sep 30 '17, 10:43PM
  • very fun!!!

    black skul Mar 5 '14, 5:18AM
  • Near: -hugs tightly- Oneechan, oneechan, you got me this time!
    Lawleit: -sucking on a lollipop- Nani? Not me? -pulls me and shoves lollies in my mouth-
    Me: !! ... ... hrmf
    Mello: -giggle- Near, you just confirmed your crush on neechan.
    Me: .... hmmmhurmlfmurflllml eh.... !! ...

    awesomecuziam May 8 '12, 11:02PM
  • Herm...I always get L on these quizzes. Seemingly so, I also happen to sit like him a lot, when possible, I'm childishly stubborn, & I love sweet tasting foods. But then I also have my diffrences(not counting gender). L is my most favorite character on DN. My most favorite book is currently(& will be for a long while to come) Death Note Another Note:The L.A. BB Murder Cases.

    Moonlight88 Nov 7 '11, 2:07AM

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