Which Death Note Character Are You?

Are you interested in Death Note, the anime or manga? If so, you'd know all the answers to this quiz! This is to pick out which character of the book you're most closely to be!

Unless you've read up to the seventh book, you probably won't know some of the possible character outcomes. Good luck!... not that you will need it, ha ha.

Created by: Misa Amane
  1. A police officer without a helmet to conceal his/her face gets out of the car. How to you kill him/her?
  2. Do you like chocolate?
  3. Do you like puzzles of any kind? (Such as board-puzzles, number puzzles, toothpick models, ect.)
  4. Can you still debate with somebody when you're standing upright or sitting normally?
  5. Are you a serious person about your school grades?
  6. Do you find yourself to be extremely attractive?
  7. Do you like gothic-style clothing?
  8. If you had a death note, what would you do with it?
  9. If you had a death note, where would you hide it?
  10. If you noticed killings of high school students increasing, what type of person would you include to have a death note?
  11. If you noticed killings of office-promotional holding people, what type of person would you include to have a death note?

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Quiz topic: Which Death Note Character am I?